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The Cattleman’s Credo: 
We will put everything we have into every bag of Cattleman’s Cut - the finest cuts of USDA steak, the time to slow-cook our jerky and the generous portions that make it stand out.


Where Steak Meets Glory™

In a world where style all too often trumps substance and quality is regularly compromised in favor of profit, we think there’s still a place for Cattleman’s Cut Jerky—a product crafted by the tastes and values of a different era and a different place. You see, while it would be easy to cut corners on the ingredients we use or reduce the number of chunky pieces of delicious jerky in a serving, that’s simply not the Cattleman’s way.  At Cattleman’s Cut, we pride ourselves on providing the most delicious USDA steak at the greatest value. And to prove it, we put it in a clear package.